Monday, July 14, 2008

Inspirational Team Members Wanted.

We have decided that we want to offer you more inspiration, so we are after an inspirational team that will create a layout a month and write a Word Picture every few months to help inspire the contributors of Word Picture Challenges.

Unfortunately at this point in time we can not offer you anything except for the recognition of being on the Word Picture Inspirational Team and the love of a good challenge.

How to Apply???

There are five things for you to do to apply;
1. Create a layout using the Word Picture Description for July – Posted on the Word Picture Blog
2. Create a layout using the Word Picture Description A before 25th July
3. Create a layout using the Word Picture Description B before 31st July
4. Write up a Word Picture Description before the 31st July
5. E-mail it all into us by the 1st of August

What we will ask of you as an Inspirational Team Member is that you;
1. To create a page using the Word Picture (you will receive this prior to it being posted on the Blog.)
2. To write up a Word Picture Description for possible use on the blog.
3. Be a Community Announcer for our Blog – we ask that you let the wider scrapping community know about us and visversa – that you e-mail us with information from our Sponsor Sites about what is happening there.

E-mail your entries or questions to
All entries are due in by the 1st August.

Word Picture A

Material List

Photos: 2 x 6x4 inch photos
Patterned Paper: Strip A – 12 x 5 inch strip
Strip B – 1x 4 inch strip x 2
Strip C – ½ x 3 inch strip x 2
(NOTE: for Strips B & C you will need two (2) strips of each)
Embellishments to suit
Journaling strips or Journaling block
Paint… Any colour you want

Step 1: Background

Paint a background onto the cardstock or patterned paper. Using some technique such as: bubble wrap, splatter painting, sponge painting … the choice is almost limitless, and it is up to you. This background can go allover cardstock or just in the corners or just in sections … it is up to you….

Step 2: First Paper Placement

Place Pattern Paper Strip A approx 3 inches from either the right or left side of your cardstock. Adhere the patterned paper.

Step 3: Photo Placement

Place your two photos on angles – Photo 1. Place photo over the patterned paper towards the centre of the cardstock. Photo 2. Place over the cardstock where there is NO patterned paper. (tuck photo 2 slightly under photo 1, or visversa) Do NOT adhere photos just yet!!!

Step 4: More Paper Placement

Under your 2nd photo place the patterned paper strips B & C, have them both showing from beneath the photo but overlapping… exact positioning is up to you. Adhere patterned papers B & C and both photos.
Now at the bottom of Patterned Paper Strip A place the two extra strips of Patterned Papers B & C, in a similar fashion to how you placed them in the above instruction. Now place your title over the top of these patterned papers.

Step 5: Journaling

You can use either journaling strips or a journaling block the choice is up to you. Your Journaling goes above the title along side photo number 1.

Step 6: Embellish

In the left hand corner of the layout place embellishments that suit your layout.

Word Picture B

Material List

2 x photos - 6x4 inches (will work best with landscape directional photos)
Cardstock – Can be thick patterned paper if you like
Patterned Paper;
Paper A – 24 x 24 cm square
Paper B – 22 x 22 cm square
Paper C – 28 x 3 cm strip
Strips – Can be more patterned paper, ribbon, thin scallops, ric-rac, what ever you like, you will need two strips. Both will need to be roughly 29 x 1 cm, we will call them strip 1 and strip 2.
Journaling block
Strips for journaling
Your own decorating ideas

Step 1 – Paper Placement
Place Paper A square down on your base paper/cardstock, place it where ever you wish.
Place Paper B centered in Paper A – you should only see roughly1 cm showing of Paper A around the edges of Paper B
Adhere both Paper A and B down, you can decorate the papers if you wish by inking, doodling, distressing, stitching or however you like.
Place Paper C roughly 7cm up from the bottom of you base paper/cardstock – lay it so that it runs parallel with the bottom edge of the base paper/cardstock and so that it starts on one edge of the base paper/cardstock – you choose either the left of the right side.

Step 2 – Strip Placement
Place strip 1 along the bottom edge of Paper C, start it on the same edge of the base paper/cardstock as your started Paper C.
Run strip 2 slightly over lapping Strip 1.

Step 3 – Photo Placement
Place your two photos onto your Paper B; have them so that they stack up one on top of the other, but more to one side of the page. You choose which side.

Step 4 – Journal Block Placement
On the opposite side that you of centered your photos to tuck a journaling block under the photos, place it so that it is even balanced under both of your photos.

Step 5 – Title Placement
Lap your title so that it runs from the side of your top photo and over the journaling block, you may place some of your title across your top photo if you wish.

Step 6 – Journaling Placement
Lap the journaling strips sot that they run from the side of your bottom photo (but not touching the photo) over the journaling block and onto the patterned paper.

Step 7 – Embellishment Placement
Place embellishments of your choice in two locations;
1. At the bottom of your page where your Paper C and Strips 1 and 2 touch the edge of your base paper/cardstock.
2. On the opposite side of your bottom photo where you have your journaling strips.

Step 8 – Decorate
Make the layout yours.

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